If your cat owns a responsible and caring human, then you know that taking good care of cats goes beyond proper food and cat toys. Although cats are home pets, spending time outdoors will keep your furry friends fit and in a better mood. Cats love to be active and explore the terrain around them. Be it a garden or a small balcony, a dash of fresh air, sun, shade and few plants will keep your cat occupied and playful. Make sure to provide a safe and inspiring playground where your friend will spend time enjoying being lazy or being a hunter.

Make it safe

Cats are curious creatures, so rest assured that they will try to indulge in some sightseeing outside your garden. Keeping cats inside is not an easy task, but once they get tired of trying, they’ll focus on where they are. Balconies can provide a safe playground if secured by a simple mesh. Garden cats, on the other hand, may require a tall fence. Try to make it look as attractive as possible with some climbing and hanging plants, for the sake of aesthetics as well as for your neighbors.

Provide enough sunny spots and shades

Since all cats appreciate the warmth of the sun on a spring day, make sure that your garden has a spot for sunny siestas. Again, tree shades will provide a cool place to rest during the summer heat. There is no need to plant a tree if you have a small garden since a few shrubs or a garden bench to hide under will work out just fine.

Grass Patches

If there is any lawn in your garden, then you are all set. However, balconies could use small grass pockets for cats to simply lie on or roll over. It doesn’t take much to make your cat happy since a bit of kitty litter full of grass will be more than enough. Also, you’ve probably noticed that cats like eating grass. It is very much likely that they will regurgitate shortly after, but it shouldn’t concern you since it is quite beneficial for their digestive system.

Cats like plants

Although very picky and sometimes quite unpredictable, most cats like Catnip and Catmint. Also, the Valeriana plant is quite popular among cats, probably because of its medicinal and sedative effect. Spider plants, Cat grass, and Cat thyme are plants that cats love to roll over and nibble and the good thing is that these are all low maintenance plants. However, not every plant is good and welcome, so before planting make sure to find out more about plants that may be toxic to cats.

Include Water Sources

Running water is an endless source of fun for any cat. They are true fans of fountains and leaky faucets. If your cats spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure they have access to clean water, whether for drink or entertainment. Companies like Hoselink have great equipment like automatically re-filling bowls that will keep your pets hydrated even if you forget. A water fountain could be an awesome addition.


Give them opportunity to explore

Organize your garden so that cats can prowl between the pots and plants. Make it possible for them to chase their prey, whatever it may be – dust in the air, bugs or even a mouse. Cats find great pleasure in roaming between and under things, so make sure to leave enough room for them to slip under, hide and sleep in.

Scratch post

Your cat will sharpen nails anyways, so it’s recommended to provide them with a scratching post. The thing about scratching posts is that your cat may ignore it and stick its claws into your favorite tree. Cover the trees with protective spiral wrap and as for the scratch post, go for the trial and error approach.


Although having a simple garden is great, taking some extra effort to keep your cat satisfied is a small effort relative to the benefits you get. Creating a cat-friendly garden will give immense pleasure to your fuzzy friend, while it will give you the chance to enjoy time outdoors, watching your pet in its safe and natural habitat.  


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