Those of you who have been frequent visitors to I HAVE CAT  over the years know my cats don’t write. They don’t post, they don’t give quotes and they most certainly do not give interviews.  Until today.

When contacted by the illustrious blog That Cat Blog, Kip felt he must break his silence. He had to let the world know what he was thinking, and finally the perfect vehicle had come along.

I urge you to read Kip’s interview. It turns out his command of the English language is far superior than what I gave him credit for.

All the questions you’ve been pondering over the years will finally be answered…

  • The most exciting thing that’s ever happened to him
  • How he got his name 
  • Who his best friend is
  • What he wants to be when he grows up 
  • Hidden talents

…and much much more! 
So check it out, and leave a comment there and feel free to come back here and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about Kip!

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