Cats are the most bred domestic animals in most families in the United States. Cats are easy, to take care of, compact, quiet and very compatible with the kids and families. Recent studies by adolescent psychiatry show that there are benefits raising children and pets such as cats together. The benefits include:

  • They are the perfect first best friends to your kids as they grow.
  • Cultivate self-esteem in the children.
  • Facilitate kids growth through interactive physical activities they do with the pets.
  • Ownership of a pet a young age fosters responsibility for the children at a younger age.
  • Pets provide lessons to the children.
  • This  cat and baby interaction harbors empathy and compassion

Adopting a new kitten into the family is a mixed reaction kind of expectation. Reason being you do not know what to expect from their interactions. Worry not as this essential tips will help you to introduce the new cat to the kids. It might make the whole thing just a bit more simple and easy to follow.


Tip 1: Prepare your kids

Before introducing the cat to the kids, make sure to prepare them psychologically for the whole process. Tell them what it means to have a cat in their home. Let them consider, the space for the kittens, gender for the kittens and take them through the whole process together. There are essential things that you need to train the kids before the cat arrives. They include:

  1. Setting ground rules for the kids on their responsibilities in regards to the new addition. Of importance in this, to make sure that the kids understand their relationship with the cat. So that they do not over step and get hurt by the cat. That is possible.
  2. Cats just like other animals they have a defensive pact with them once it seems as if they are being attacked. Train your children to understand that animals get mad if they are distracted, teased or annoyed. Let them know the far they can go with interacting with the cat during their playtime. Cats scratch as a defensive mechanism, train the kids on how to adapt if scratches happen.
  3. In the case that the children are allergic to the cat’s fur, it is recommended you use a mask on the kids during their playtime. Make sure the kids are aware of possible allergies and what they can do as first aid in the case where an emergency occurs.


Tip 2: Prepare yourself

As the host for the new addition to the family, you need to prepare yourself for the whole process and what is about to happen. You are the controller of the relationship between the kids and the children. You can control and schedule the playtime, feed time, and rest time for both the kids and the cat.

Additionally, you are the only one who understands both the cats and the kids. You have the knowledge of the far they can get. As mitigation prepare you for the best and the worst on either side. There is a need to strike a balance on concentration between the kids and the cats. It is not easy bringing up both the kids and the kitten, so it easy to lose track of either. We recommend that you take time to prepare yourself to avoid nervous breakdowns and undue pressure on your health.


Tip 3: Establish the ground rules.

A cat comes with responsibilities. As the owner you need to figure out:

  1. Who’s In Charge of chores such as cleaning the cat, feeding the cat, emptying the litter tray? There is need a clear demarcation of the chores.
  2. You need to decide where the cat will sleep. Having in mind the kids it is important to figure out what works best with the children to avoid distraction and allergies.
  3. Who will train the cat? Is it the children or the parent?
  4. Is There a playroom where the cat and the kids interact. If there is no playroom what is the other option. Is there need to create a space specifically for the cat and kids? Look out for all possible ways in considering space for the kittens.

Tip 4: Prepare the cat/kitten

Cats and babies have an inseparable relationship especially at a younger age. Sometimes these animals do not know how to behave among human beings. It is for this reason that, you pick kittens that have received prior training on how to live with people. Additionally, the kittens need to be tested for all possible infections they might be having that could affect the kids. Before picking it to check out all its medical history outlining all the possible immunization records to make sure that the kitten is safe and healthy.


Tip 5: Consider safety

Cats are known to be naturally naughty. This means that they quickly want to try out new stuff. They want to get into holes, pillows, sinks, drawers, and this might be initially annoying for you and the kids. Cats and toddlers are always at loggerheads as they are competing over the same things because of the stage of life both are experiencing. To avoid accidents and incidents, cover all the holes around the house, the sewerage always closes the closets and cupboards. In line with that, put away personal items such as threads that cats love playing with, electric cords, breakables to avoid disasters and incidents in the house

Tip 6: Necessities.

Before introducing the kittens to the kids, you must have a couple of criteria that you must have met.

  1. Cat Litter box – space where the cat will pee. Ensure that the litter has no scent and soft for the comfort of the cat.
  2. Food – from the adoption shelter you should gather the right food for the kitten.
  3. Bed: craft and design a bed that suits the kitten to prevent the cat sleeping on the kid’s beds and couch.
  4. Collars: collars are great as they help the kittens break loose if trapped. Fit the collars as early as possible.
  5. Misc: to be used in clipping the cat’s claws to prevent possible incidences likes scratches on the children as they play.
  6. Feeding bowls: set aside specific bowls for kitten feeds so that they do not feed on the kid’s plates and cause infections.

Bringing in a new addition to the family is usually exciting and fun. Although it takes the preparation of different things to ensure a smooth transition for the cat and the babies.


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