• Holiday Special!

    Updated December 13, 2017. Dear Friends, Do you need a last minute gift for someone?   Then, this Holiday Special is what you’re looking for! The...6 min

  • Cat Stories–True Tall Tails and Kitty Yarns

    Updated November 21, 2017. There’s something very intriguing about cat stories.  Cats are marvelous, mystical creatures.  Their unique behaviors and playfulness are extremely entertaining.  Think...4 min

  • Tony Soprano

    by Bob Miller (Plymouth, MI, USA) My name is Tony Soprano. No. Not that Tony Soprano. Tony is a human word they use for me....3 min

  • Gifts for Cat Lovers

    Updated Novmeber 18, 2017. Gifts for cat lovers are the perfect present for your loved one.  Choose one of these and celebrate any special occasion....1 min

  • Walking With Cats

    by Chris Brauer (Creston, British Columbia, Canada) Bella, welcoming me home In 1951, science fiction writer Ray Bradbury wrote a short story titled “The Pedestrian”....2 min

  • Big E.Bigs… the Magnificent

    by Tursa (Pa) “Bigs” This is just a portrait of “Bigs”…video and stories will be posted soon. Bigs is the one who changed a dog...1 min

  • Top Books about Cats–Adult Fiction

    Updated June 22, 2017. Among the most enjoyable of reads are adult fiction cat stories. Kitty books rated high on my reading list way back...5 min

  • Feline Jewelry For Every Occasion

    There is no better way to embellish beauty than with feline jewelry.  Whether it is called cat charisma or kitty karma, ornamental trinkets go from...2 min

  • Catatonic

    by Dante Staciokas (Zionsville, Pa.) It’s been said that there are only two sorts of people in this world; you are either a dog person...6 min

  • May 2, Catatonic

    It’s been said that there are only two sorts of people in this world; you are either a dog person or a cat person. People...1 min

  • Simba and His 7½ Week Disappearance

    by Ramona Hreljac Simba, my 8 year old orange tabby, escaped through an accidentally left open back door. I was frantic upon returning home from...2 min

  • 13 Cat Subscription Boxes for Kitty Lovers

    Updated May 3, 2017. Cat subscription boxes are popping up in mailboxes and on doorsteps around the globe.  While the idea has been around for...5 min

  • Dec 16, Perversity–A Fable

    The cat king of Catonia had one catling, a tom, who would inherit the kingdom. Prince Sylvester had only one fault: he was perverse. If...1 min

  • Noah the Refugee

    by Susan (Morayfield, Qld, Australia) Yes, he’s talking to me Susan Many years ago, some neighbors of ours decided to relocate in a hurry. Among...2 min

  • Are You a Tech Cat?

    Updated May 4, 2017. Are you a tech cat?  If you answered, “Yes”, then this is the webpage for you! Whether or not you, or...1 min

  • 40+ Cat Apps You Need to Know About

    Updated May 4, 2017. Feed your feline obsession with these cat apps!  From simple to loaded-with-all-the-bells-and-whistles, there’s an application for everyone. Chasing down cat applications...8 min

  • Romero

    by Vanessa Morgan Romero at Cat Rescue Shelter Romero Resting Romero Watching Romero is sooo cute! I’m Romero, named after movie director George Romero. One...2 min

  • Pet Memorial—In Loving Memory of Special Cats

    Updated April 17, 2017 Create a virtual pet memorial to commemorate your dearest cat and wrap your sorrow in the comfort of treasured memories. It’s...4 min

  • Jun 30, This Old Cat

    It’s been about a year since our old cat died from mouth cancer. I have never been a cat person, but I loved this cat....1 min

  • My Jawless Cat

    by Emily Atkinson-Dalton (Bath, England ) Black Longhaired Cat photo courtesy of photos-public-domain.com Up until I was 15, we had a cat called Boots. Neurotic...1 min

  • Mittens–A Musical Medical Cat

    by Larry Greenstein (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA) Mittens–Guitar Player and Cancer Detector First off, let me say this is a totally true story. Our cat plays...2 min

  • How to Help Cats in Need

    Updated May 4, 2017. Not all of us cat lovers have the ability to help many cats in need on our own.  That’s okay, because...2 min

  • Moet the Amazing Blind Furball

    by Dr. Emily Shotter (Muscat, Oman) I love boxes! Posing! I love bags, too! My favorite toy. I was brought into a country called Oman...4 min

  • How to Solve Cat Litter Box Problems

    Updated September 25, 2017. Cat litter box problems are the most prevalent of cat behavior problems dealt with by feline professionals and, tragically, the most...7 min

  • Cats Behavior—How Cats See The World

    Updated May 4, 2017. Cats behavior is all about understanding how cats see the world from a cat’s point of view and how cats communicate...3 min

  • Miracle

    by Sean (Dublin, Ohio) Scrunchie So, I want to share a very personal story about the newest addition to our family. I am not usually...4 min

  • the Art of being a Globetrotting Cat

    by Colin Randall (London, UK) Monette the cat may be blissfully unaware but, for her Anglo-French owners, a visit to a wonderful new art exhibition...3 min

  • Callie

    Callie the calico Callie is my beautiful calico that loves her special “meow, meow” rest pad. Isn’t she picturesque?! 1 min

  • Cat Magazines of the Year

    Updated May 4, 2017. Cats Make Magazines Unforgettable! Spend the season with good cat magazines, the best of the year!  Reading a great cat publication...1 min

  • Pet Identification–Traveling with a Cat

    Updated August 25, 2017. Personalized Reflective Cat Collars Pet Identification must be included in every travel plan when traveling with a cat! Among the most...3 min

  • Travelling with Cats

    Updated May 4, 2017. When travelling with cats, preparation is important! Far in advance of your vacation date, begin preparations for travelling with cats, especially...3 min