We’re All About Cats are in constant search for feline inspiration across the web and this time we have something really special for you guys, Rachel From Portsmouth Cat Sitting is here to let us know there is a new cat-friendly industry  we should definitely pay attention to 🙂

1) Please introduce yourself to our community.

Hi my name is Rachel and I have been running my own cat sitting business for over 15 years. I’m a total cat addict and love my job!

2) Tell us more about the inspiration behind Portsmouth Cat Sitting?

My inspiration for the business came from having to ask 3 different people to look after my 3 cats when I went away for two weeks, I worried the whole holiday, concerned that one person would forget and my cats would go hungry or be ill. My friends weren’t cat people and would they realise if my cats were ever ill?

3) What do you love most about Cat Sitting?

I love spending time with amazing and beautiful cats and meeting some very interesting people along the way. I also enjoy being my own boss with no one telling me what to do (apart from the cats of course!)

4) How do you see this industry developing in the future?

In the future I can see more specialised cat sitters, maybe just visiting certain breeds and some offering other services like Reiki for Cats, healing, grooming, feline behaviour advice, dietary advice and supporting cat guardians with giving meds and pet bereavement support.

5) What makes a good cat sitter?

You have to love cats, get on with all types of people from all walks of life. Be very organised and calm and be prepared to work 7 days a week often over the holidays. Self disciplined and good at spotting an ill cat. You also need a strong stomach ( litter boxes!) and a great sense of humour! It’s the best job in the world!

Please visit Rachel at:

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